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    Website Timeout Trying To View Traps

      When trying to view my traps in the web interface, I get this:

      Orion Website Error

      An error has occurred with the Orion website.

      Additional Information

      System.Web.HttpException: Request timed out.


      I have tried changing the number of traps to view to 50 and still have this issue.

      I am running NPM 9.1, with SQL 2000 Standard on a separate server.  All my other web pages seem to load in a reasonable time.



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          Upgrading to 9.5 will resolve issue..I believe there was a bug in early 9 versions that wouldn't allow Traps page to load.  I have a case opened working on a similar issue.  When I went to version 9.1 Traps began loading extremely slow (30 seconds) no matter how many rows I requested.  I then went to 9.5 and now Events web page loads slow (30 seconds).  All other traps/events resources on the website (top xx on node details page, events summary) load quickly.  It is only the primary Traps and Events pages that are slow.

          Case # is 99257.  I originally opened case 64389 for the Traps issue when I went to 9.1 and that case was never resolved...so I created the new case once events started loading slow.