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    IPAM 1.5 Release Candidate


      IPAM 1.5 will be generally available soon.  In the meantime, we are making Release Candidate-1 available to a small set of customers on active maintenance.  You will need to send me a private message via thwack if you are interested in it, I am going on a first serve basis.

      What does Release Candidate mean?  

      • An RC is not Beta.  With Beta, we urge (beg!) people not to put it into production because it's not complete and we know it.  We cannot upgrade Beta code to GA code.  
      • Release Candidate means we've fully tested it internally and if we find no serious issues during this customer acceptance phase, the RC will be the GA.
      • We will fully support Release Candidates.  Support is prepared to take Support cases.  Dev is prepared to handle any issue that is escalated.
      • We will fully support upgrades from RC to GA.  

      So why don't we just call it Generally Available?

      We could call it GA.  The customer acceptance phase is a chance for customers who want early code to get their hands on it and give us feedback on any issues they find.  There are often issues that are unique to customer environments that we can only identify in the field.  More conservative folks may want to wait until the code is declared GA.