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    Additional Web Server - VM


      Hi All,

      We recently purchased additional web server software (NPM). Since the main function of this machine will

      be running IIS we were thinking of hosting the application on a Virtual Machine. Does anyone have it

      configured this way? If so what are the specs of the VM?




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          I'm running my entire environment on VM and SAN.

          My polling engines are dual proc, 4GB RAM and web servers are single proc 2GB RAM.  DB is quad proc with 10GB RAM.
          DB size is around 30GB.  This includes NCM and NTA also on VM.

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              Hi Larry,

              What kind performance are you seeing on the VM's? We are running NPM v9.5 and thinking to add another polling engine running on a VM and in the Cloud. Solarwinds will not support Cloud, so this is an experiment for us :-)

              The SQL is a physical box on Win Server 2008 dual core processors and 8GB memory. The Web/Polling engine + Polling engine on Win Server 2008 dual core and 4GB memory.

              Just curious how well it is performing for you.



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                  I'm seeing very good performance.  my pollers are running around 6200 pollers each, and they average around 99.5% completion unless the DB server is running big reports, then it dips to 99.2-3% for an hour or two.
                  That also includes netflow streams and syslog (DB is about 25GB average).  My SQL is on VM 2k8 EE with SQL 2k8 and is running dual proc, with 10GB RAM, compellant SAN.

                  Overall, performance is very good, a little better than physical environment I had.

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                I have everything but the DB running on VM's. 

                Web Server - Dual Proc 3.0Ghz Opteron, 1GB Memory
                Both Polling engines - 3.0Ghz Opteron, 4GB Memory

                The performance is great with about 5000 elements between 2 pollers and I would highly recommend the separate web server for any implementation with more than a hand full of devices.