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    Three issues with NPM 9.5


      I have a install of the Solarwinds NPM 9.5 and with a remote SQL 2005 database. Am running into the below issues

      1. The Transaction log for the solarwinds database keeps getting full (the max size is set for 5 GB) and is growing exponentially approximately @ 1 GB per day. The Log is not getting truncated even after a daily incremental and a weekly full back up.

      2. The System Manager hangs when we choose to display a chart.

      3. The Switch Port Mapper output provides only the list of interfaces and MAC address and not the relevant DNS names of the devices connected to the interfaces.

      4. Unable to manage the APC metered PDU's as only the network interfaces show up..

      Any help is greatly appreciated

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          It is hard to diagnose the issues via thwack.  I would recommend ensuring you are running SP4 of 9.5 and if so, then please open a support ticket

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              to point #1:

              I had a very similiar issue as 1, but my drive for the logs was only 10GB.
              I truncated and truncated the log files but it kept growing back
              backup log NetPerfMon with truncate_only
              dbcc shrinkfile (NetPerfMon_log,1
              I ended up truncating and moving (so don't have to wait for large file to copy) the log file to the data drive and limited log file growth to 100GB.  it grew to about 18GB and maintained.  I then did a full backup/trunc and shrink after.

              I quit having the issue.

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                Hi Brandon,

                Just finished upgrading to SP4. However on the Web Console, I still see the information being displayed as SP2 where as the system manager displays the information as SP4... am I doing something worng here?

                I download the the SP4 and ran the installer to be able to upgrade to SP4 from SP2


                Pavan Kumar

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                    Hmm odd, did you get any errors on the upgrade?  So the footer of the web console still shows SP2?  

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                        Yes, it did and running the repair option from the add / remove programs and a reboot of the machine did the trick.. its now showing SP4.

                        The repair somehow also resolved the issue with the system manager and I am able to see the charts in the system manager.

                        For the database part, I was unable to find any details listed in the readme file of the SP4 that indicated that this was a known issue and was fixed. Hence I got the DBA to change the database recovery method to simple and this has removed the dependency on the transaction log.

                        Since this is a temporary fix, I would be really interested to find the actual fix for the issue with the transaction log.



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                    1. I had the same problem until upgrading to SP4.