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    How much traffic generates NetFlow?

      There is a customer with a SL2000 Licence. At the moment there are only a few ports monitored.

      The plan is to monitor about 300 routers from external Sites, which are connected via MPLS.

      The Toloplogie is something like this:

      There are two Routers through wihich all traffic is coming in.

      The question is: How amny traffic will be generated by 300 monitored Nodes with 2 Interfaces each, which are used by 10 clients in average.

      I need just a guess.



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          You could enable NetFlow on one of the routers, view the amount of NetFlow packets exported (flow-export show counters), then extrapolate from there.   I don't see how else you would guess.  The way NetFlow worsk, all packets with the same source/destination IP address, source/destination ports, protocol interface and class of service are grouped into a flow and then packets and bytes are summed.  So, the amount of flows generated will depend on the targets of the traffic generated by the clients in each site.  If there's a wide range of IPs being contacted by clients in a particular site, you may see more flows being created by that router.