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    Orion NTA 3.5 Service Pack 2 is now available (adds Cisco ASA support)


      SolarWinds Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer v3.5 - Service Pack 2

      This service pack requires Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (Orion NTA) version 3.5. This service pack should be installed on all Orion servers on which Orion NTA is installed.

      Existing customers may download the Service Pack from their SolarWinds customer portal.

      Evaluators interested in Cisco ASA support should contact their sales representative to get access to the download.

      IMPORTANT NOTE ON CISCO ASA SUPPORT:  While working with customers, we found a bug in the Cisco ASA’s implementation of NetFlow.   When exporting NetFlow v9 packets, the Cisco ASA is pulling from IDB identifier instead of the SNMP identifier.  This causes NetFlow to appear to be exported from unexpected interfaces (e.g. interfaces that are down).   Special thanks to Donald_Francis for helping us figure this out and for filing bug CSCtb63825 with Cisco!   The good news is the bug doesn’t prevent the display of data in our product.   However, you will need to add manage all Cisco ASA interfaces in Orion and add all as NetFlow sources to ensure you can see flows.

      UPDATE (10/5):  Donald Francis Re: ASA bug and netflow (incorrect interfaces) that Cisco has stated  that should be available 10/16 and fixes this issue

      To install this service pack, extract and then run the Netflow-3.5-Update.exe file.

      Orion NTA version 3.5 Service Pack 2 addresses the following issues:
       - An issue where multiple additional entries and corresponding detail tables were added to the Orion database for each monitored Flow source has been corrected.
       - An error in the Configuration Wizard related to the swsp_GetCBQosConfigurationDetails object has been fixed.
       - Older Orion NTA charts are now properly cleared from the browser cache, in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, when they are no longer valid.
       - Orion NTA now correctly handles Flow packets received from Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA).

      Orion NTA version 3.5 Service Pack 1 addresses the following issues:
       - Applications using different protocols on the same port are now listed as <application name> (<port number>, <protocol>).
       - Some missing and broken links to online help resources have been fixed.
       - Color keys missing from some resources on printable views have been restored.
       - An issue causing the display of duplicate headers on CBQoS Details views has been corrected.
       - The CBQoS Post-Policy Class Map resource now displays the correct Last Polled utilization.
       - The CBQoS Policy Details resource may now be included on the Interface Details view of Orion NPM.
       - An issue where the names of unmonitored applications were left blank in Top X Applications reports has been corrected.
       - The Monitor Port action in Top X Applications resources on the NetFlow Application - Unmonitored traffic view now functions as designed.
       - Detached CBQoS Drop, Pre-, and Post-Policy resources now respect the time period selected on the original view.
       - CBQoS Drop, Pre-, and Post-Policy resources no longer display classes after the end of their effective time periods.
       - Orion NTA now properly handles case-sensitive databases when collecting data from CBQoS-enabled devices.
       - Orion NTA no longer drops sFlow traffic on interfaces with an index of 0x3FFFFFFF (1073741823).
       - CBQoS-related resources no longer display duplicate policy classes.

      The following files, in the default location <install Volume:>\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\, are modified when you install this service pack:

      The following files are added when you install this service pack:

      For more information, contact Technical Support at www.solarwinds.com/support.