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    determining the number of interfaces being monitored

      I am trying to add another device to our monitor, but when I do, I get a message saying that we have reached our limit and need to upgrade.

      We have a SL250 license.

      I have read here on this forum the different ways to determine you interface and license information and it seems a bit misleading.

      When I click on 'Help >> About', it says

      "Monitored Network Elements: 121 nodes and 250 interfaces."

      We have several volumes that we monitor also, but it does not mention them here.

      When I look at the admin page through the web interface, I see the following information:


      Network Elements526

      When I look through the System Manager console and count the number of interfaces we monitor, I count 241.

      So my question is, why the discrepancies between the three and how many do we actually monitor?

      Now I'm assuming something here and that may be a problem. I'm assuming that when I click on a device and click 'show resources' that only the things I put a check next to count as monitored interfaces against my license and not all the interfaces on the device (monitored or not).

      If I'm actually monitoring 288 interfaces like the admin page says I am, how did it let me exceed my license without warning me?

      I'm assuming the report on the "Help > about" page is just plain wrong since it doesn't even list my volumes.

      If I count 241, why does the admin page say 288?

      Also, I deleted 4 interefaces and the numbers from both the help screen and the admin page did not change.

      I am running NPM 9.5 sp3.



        • Re: determining the number of interfaces being monitored

          The numbers you see on License Details page simply says how many Nodes, Volumes, Interfaces you have in database. You can check it by yourself. Just run sql select in Orion db> "select count(InterfaceID) from Interfaces" and it will tell you how many Interfaces Orion manage (you could use Orion Database manager for example).

          The reason why you have more interfaces than licence allows could be "wireless devices". Don't you manage some in your Orion? In previous version of Orion wireless controllers added interfaces to Interfaces table without checking license. It's already fixed in SP3 but some of these interfaces could remain there from past.

          You could find these interfaces by this select:

           SELECT InterfaceID FROM Interfaces
             WHERE (InterfaceIndex=0) AND (InterfaceType=53) AND (InterfaceTypeName='ieee80211') AND (InterfaceTypeDescription='Virtual Interface representing Controller Interface')

          If this select returns some IDs I could give you advice how to remove them.