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    Change values in Universal Pollers

      I am trying out some stuff with the Universal Poller and I am getting new SNMP values into my Orion view. Fx. I have this below graph which show me the uptime on a device. The uptime is though in milliseconds and therefore not easy readable. Are there some way I can convert this milliseconds value to eg. hours or days?

      I also do have values which is "ON" or "OFF". I have not yet tried it out but can I somehow get these values into a graph so I can see when the status changed?


      This above graph is all new so therefore the dotted line but it shows perfectly how hard it is to read the uptime value.



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          Hi JoeDoe,

          Another feature within the universal device poller is the ability to transform specific results.  The sysuptime values should work with a transform.

          The transform allows you to convert the result into a more useful form through the use of a formula or function.

          Check out the ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatus as an example.

          Once you have the transform you want working, you will use it on the webpage and just leave the poller as the source for the transform.

          Hope this helps.