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    How to check the unmanage devices


        I am new to Orion. I have unmanage the device for a future schedule maintenance window. But i am not sure how to verify that device is unmagaged and from which time to which time, Because i could not see on the " Unmanage Nodes"  table on the Home page. I am wondering whether that only shows currently unmanaged devices and not future schedule unmanaged devices.



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          Good question, I am wondering the same thing.  For those that know, is it possible to have these devices listed on a page and/or have an email sent out to folks letting them know that xyz has been unmanaged?

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            When you look at an unmanaged device, the icon for that device is no longer a green dot.  It's a blue dot with a white x through it.  It should appear that way everywhere in the UI.

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                HI Denny LeCompte

                  Yes, You are correct. But this blue dot with a white x appears only during the period of unmanage of the devices. But let say i am unmanageing a future event how do i know whether that device is already unmanaged for that period or not. In addition, I have unmanaged a device for a future maintenance activity, But the activity is canceled, then how do i remanage the switch with out waiting till the unmanaged time ( when i can see device with blue dot saying unmanaged) ?. 



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                Here is one solution (custom SQL report SQL)

                declare @offset int

                SET @offset = DateDiff(hour, GetUTCDate(), GetDate())

                select Caption,


                when UnManaged = 0 then 'no'

                when UnManaged = 1 then 'yes'


                as MMode, dateadd(HOUR, @offset, UnManageFrom) as UnManageFrom, dateadd(HOUR, @offset, UnManageUntil)  as UnManageUntil, nodeID as NodeID from nodes

                where Contact like 'Linux%' and UnManageFrom not like '%1899%' and dateadd(HOUR, @offset, UnManageUntil) >  CURRENT_TIMESTAMP


                This returns the following in SQL Studios:


                Caption                                  MMode    UnManageFrom                        UnManageUntil                             NodeID

                Server_Name_1                     yes          2016-02-29 19:15:00.000         2016-05-31 18:15:00.000           1

                A_different _Server_Name     yes         2016-02-29 19:17:00.000          2016-05-31 18:17:00.000           2


                It yields a report like this: