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    Change color of bar graphs


      Is it possible to change the colors of the bar graphs displayed in the web interface. specifically i am looking at the max/min/av cpu for a node. right now its pink.... not that I have anything against pink..... The url for the printable graph is

      http://orion/Orion/Netperfmon/Chart.aspx?ChartName=HOSTMMAVGCPULOAD&Title=&SubTitle=test&SubTitle2=&Width=1024&Height=0&NetObject=N:273&CustomPollerID=&SampleSize=1D&Period=Last Month&FontSize=1&NetObjectPrefix=N&SubsetColor=&RYSubsetColor=&Printable=true&ShowTrend=True&ResourceID=278

      What I am curious about is the variables.... SubsetColor=&RYSubsetColor=

      would these variables override the bargraph color? and if so what values are they looking for.... If not is there somwhere else that I can change the colors?