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    Historical NetFlow Reports not appearing !

      Hi there,

      I am new to Orion NPM. NetFlow traffic analysis appears and I can see each of the interface trafic statistic. However, If i go to reports and check Historical netflow reports, it doesn't show anything. Top 5 protocols, top 5 transmitters, receivers is something I really want to check.

      Help will be really appreciated !


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          When you click on the NetFlow Traffic Analysis link in the menu bar, do you see data in the charts on the summary page?

          If not, have you enabled NetFlow export on your network devices?  



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              Hello Chris,

              Yes I am able to see the traffic on each interface in the Netflow traffic analysis summary. But if i click the reports, then it just shows an empty report. When I read the admin guide, it said that as soon as you enable netflow, you're able to view the netflow reports but obviously I'm doing something wrong here. Is there a way I can verify that my netflow is correct ? It appears in the menu bar and I can view the netflow statistics of each of the sites I've added.

              Thanks for your help !