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    Importing NCM Sonar DB to NPM


      I kind of started my databases backwards I think. I installed NCM on its server first and did a discovery with sonar. Then I installed NPM on its server. Can I import the sonar database into NPM also so as to not have to scan my network a second time?


      Thanks for any input.

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          yes you can. I am certain of that. Whether the way I suggest is the most efficiant way I'm am not so certain as the tool has changed a little bit since I done it last.

          If anyone else knows a quicker way please chime in. Here goes.

          On your NCM server open up the 'Database manager'. One you have that open expand your database so that you can see all of your tables.

          The table you are interested in is the 'Nodes' Table. 'Right-Mouse-Click' the 'Nodes' table and select 'Query Table'. In the query table window you will see a basic SQL query within the white space. the default will be

          Hit the 'Refresh' button

          You should now be looking at the 'Nodes Table' in it's entirety. To export it simply goto > File > Export > (pick your export format - text file or excel is handiest)

          You will then be asked to choose what fields you would like to export. You are only interested in the 'AgentIP' field nothing else. So untick everything else

          Once the file has been successfully exported proceed to your Orion NPM website. Goto > Admin > Network Discovery > Add new discovery/ Add new credential.

          For the credential add the communtiy string that will apply to all or a group of devices you are importing and delete any irrelevant strings.

          In the next screen you have 3 options under the 'Selected Method'. Choose 'Bulk Upload'

          Now open your exported Nodes table file and copy and paste your devices into the window.

          Note: Depending on the amount of devices being added you may want to break the import into several chunks and to set the timeouts a very short times as the import job does run quite slow.

          Next step is to confirm the devices you imported and assign the 'Types' of interfaces you want monitored. The interfaces are set globally here so if you switch on ethernet here all ethernet ints across all import devices will be monitored. Personally I wouldn't switch them on globally here, I would take the time to select the interfaces manually. But it's only a preference.

          If there is anything you are unsure about let me know. Again if anyoone knows an easier or quicker way feel free to correct me.

          Hope this helps.





          Select Top 1000 *  (Make sure this number is more than the total number of nodes in the DB, increase if necessary)