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    MAC Finder Not able to find MAC


      Just loaded 10.3 and testing the MAC Finder app.

      Using my pc mc, and placing all the correct SNMP stings in the list, as well as just selecting the switch this pc resides.

      The tool fails to find the mac? This is a 3750 stack, if I ssh into the switch and do  a sho mac it finds it?

      Does the tool have any issues finding devices behind IP Phones? Though it shouldn't really matter.


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          Fluxeon - Can you verify that the "Do not display Cisco trunk ports" is not checked? There should be no problem finding the MAC if is comes up in "show mac"...  Also, make sure your community string does not have an @ sign in it...

          If that still does not display the MAC, can you send me a couple things to help troubleshoot?

          • The log from the lower left of the MACFinder gadget.
          • the output from 'show mac' and 'show vlan'
          • A sniff of the SNMP traffic to the switch during the search
          • the output from '<Toolset Install Folder>\SWSPMCMD.exe <switch IP> <switch community>  /showraw'
            • It will help to pipe this to a file <command> > <your filename>

          Alternately, we could do a GotoMeeting and debug this realtime...