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    IP SLA and Universal Poller Questions


      Ok, so I downloaded the IP SLA monitor tool and commensed to create a ping through a link I want to monitor.  Easy as you please it works great, it goes out and puts in the IP SLA commands in the router.

      Now, I configured the router to ping the site every 30 seconds...

      I export from the IP SLA Monitor and import into the Universal Device Poller.

      Assign the devices, and get graphed data after adding it to the view...

      SO.. just how often does the Universal Poller poll the router?  I ask because I'm not seeing ANY fluctuation in the ping graph yet... and it has been over 2 minutes.  Does the 30 seconds I set in the IP SLA monitor not apply?  Even though it is part of the config on the router?

      This is a high priority link, and we need to know right away if there is a problem... The part of the story I haven't told you is that the link is provided via a wireless ISP, and we're pinging their default gateway to be able to determin when we have a link problem... even if the link doesn't actually go down.

      Hope to hear some ideas... Still learning..

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          The 30 second frequency that you configured is the frequency at which the router is testing the connection. So the device is collecting and storing the stats about the connection on that frequency. Orion (UnDP) polls the device on a given interval and collects the current stats about the operation at that point in time. By default Orion will poll UnDP stats every 10 mins. To adjust this you will need to change the status polling frequency for the node where you are polling the operations.