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    Can only go back for 2 days using Absolute Time Period

    j sachs

      It seems that I can only go back and look at detailed information 2 days using Absolute Time Period.

      When I try and go back 3 days I get this message:
      Chosen time period will be adjusted according to data storage granularity

      Then it changes from 9/5/2009 12:00am to 9/6/2009 12:am.  So it compresses a whole days worth of netflow data.

      I really need to be able to search back 6 days to/from any specific hour.

      My settings are as follows.


      NetFlow Settings
      NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version: 3.5 SP1
      Global Settings

      Keep uncompressed data for 1 hours
      Keep compressed data for 30 days
      Calculate Absolute Percentages for Top XX Lists Percentages

      Default resource time period is Last 15 Minutes

      Automatic addition of NetFlow sources is enabled
      Data retention for traffic on unmonitored ports is enabled
      NetBIOS resolution of endpoints is enabled

      Monitoring of flows from unmanaged interfaces is enabled

      DNS information is resolved persistently

      The default number of days to wait between DNS lookups is 2

      The default number of days to wait between DNS lookups of unresolved IP addresses is 2
       Database Maintenance Settings

      Database maintenance is enabled
      Database maintenance is executed at 1:30 AM.
      Delete expired flow data: once a day
      Maximum time spent to process IP addresses: 15 minutes.
      Compress database and log files once every ten days. 




      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.