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    Wireless Tables HUGE


      Anyone else have issue where the Wireless tables in the database appear to be a lot larger than any other table?

      Example we monitor over 1,700 nodes in NPM....6,000 interfaces.  Our interface traffic detail table is 5G in size.

      We have roughly 20 Cisco Wireless controllers with 200 AP's and the wireless interface detail table is 10G in size.

      Is this normal?  I noticed the past couple days my db maintenance job won't finish and it fails when summarizing detail in NW_Wireless.

      I opened a case but wanted to see what others are seeing in their databases.  Seems like something isn't right.

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          Hi Brian,

          Please open a support case and we will help you.


          John Taylor

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              Case 115943 was opened.  He is sending me scripts to clean it up but he thought this issue was resolved in SP3 for 9.5 but he instructed me to go to SP4 after running the scripts.

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                  Are you still having problems with the size of your wireless tables after going to SP4?  I'm running into the same issue.  I spoke to support today, but the engineer I spoke with wasn't aware of any fixes in SP 4 that address the size of the wireless details tables.  His recommendation was to either reduce our detailed statistics retention period or just periodically truncate the wireless details tables.  I'm still on SP3, so I thought I'd ask about SP 4 before I start periodically whacking tables.


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                      Please contact support to look into this 

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                          I have SP4 hotfix 2, have run the scripts to "fix" this issue twice (2 separate support tickets).  Still working with support, the db maint "Summarizing detailed data from NPM_WIRELESS" sometimes takes 4 hours and I have basically no data being stored during that time.

                          2009-12-20 02:24:07,837 [1] INFO  SolarWinds.Data.DatabaseMaintenance.MaintenanceEngine - Summarizing detailed data from NPM_WIRELESS
                          2009-12-20 06:33:54,687 [1] INFO  SolarWinds.Data.DatabaseMaintenance.MaintenanceEngine - Summarizing hourly data from NPM_WIRELESS