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    w3wp.exe using 1+ gig of memory after NPM 9.5 update.


      We updated one of our environments to NPM 9.5 and since then we have the Orion web site going array. W3wp.exe will get upwards of 1+ gig of memory used and eventually take down the Primary until I go in and restart the Orion Web services and kill the 1+ gig w3wp.exe file.

      This last incident had w3wp.exe running 1.7 gig on a box with 4 gig total memory. this is also in a development environment that only had 5 people hitting the site.

      As I stated, this has been an issue since installing NPM 9.5 and still there up to SP4. I have had a few tickets open with Solarwinds and nothing seems to work as of yet. Steps taken so far : NPM 9.5 repair/re-install, replace the JobEngine35.sdf, re-installed SWJobEngine/InformationService, adjusted Application Pools in IIS to recycle every hour, and even updated the OS on the server.

      I have case # 115722 open on this issue.

      Any ideas/suggestions ?