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    Multiple Alerts for Same Issue


      We have multiple alerts for the same issue depending on the Time of Day. How can I reset or not trigger an alert for a down node if it is already down? I've tried the "Node Status Has Changed" but it seems to completely ignore the alert.

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          So basically you want to receive only 1 alert for when a Node status changes from Up to Down and another alert from down to up to let you know that the Node is back online? 

          I just want to make sure im following what your saying.

          If so try the following. I copied this from another post i did not to long ago. Your problem kind of sounds like the same thing.

          1.) Open up your Orion System manager

          • [Click on Start > Programs > Solarwinds Orion > System Manager]

          2.) At the top of your System Manager open up your Basic Alerts

          • [Click on Alerts> Configure Basic Alerts]

          3.) At the bottom of the Basic Alerts click on "New Alert"

          4.) Name your alert and make sure you enable the alert. For example "Node Down"

          5.) On the next tab up top choose "Property to Monitor" and scroll down to Node Status and put a check mark in "Status"

          6.) On the next tab called, "Monitored Network Objects" choose what network elements you want to monitor if the status changes.

          7.) The next tab called, "Alert Trigger" put a check mark in, "Send Alert any time Status changes" and below under the, "Trigger Alert when status is" put another check mark in "Down." This will alert you when the node Down. Finally in the last field under, "Reset Alert when Status is" put a check mark in "Up." This will alert you when the node goes up.

          8.) Finally just setup your Actions in the last tab.

          **Note** Make sure to not have any Alert Suppression configured **Note**

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              I'm using advanced alerts. Because of the way the Time of Day works I have 3 alerts for a down site. Business Hours, AfterHours-WeekDay, and AfterHours-WeekEnd. This is so that during the business hours the alerts go to our service desk, and after-hours they go to an answering service.

              The problem this creates is that if a site goes down during business hours, then once 5pm roles around, the site is still down, it creates another alert. The source of the problem is that there are multiple alerts for the same down node and as soon as the time changes and it meets the qualifications like it's a new alert.

              Is there something I can use so that it will only trigger an alert when the status changes to down, not has been down for 6 hours. Or is it something we will just have to live with?

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                  Sorry for slow reply,

                  Now i understand what your talking about. I don't have my alerts setup that way so let me test this in my own network and if i figure out anything ill let you know.

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                    Just for future reference, I found a solution to this problem. Instead of setting a Time of Day limitation on the Trigger Condition, I can set multiple Trigger Actions with separate Time of Day limitations on them.

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                        Can you elaborate more I have the same issue, but I am not sure what you are saying in your solution?


                        I am using Advanced Alerts, Production Hours and Outside Production.


                        OK I see what you are saying now, my problem is that I have different monitoring during primetime that after hours; I don't care about certain devices (exlcuded) after hours than during primetime. I still think there needs to a some sort of ignore if this has already triggered an alert for each device.