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    Day Time Saving mode



      I have a small problem regarding the day time saving mode in Egypt. the time in Egypt has been delayed and this change happened on the machine that IP monitor installed on according to the domain policy; but the IP Monitor application doesn't reflect this change. i.e. the time now 1:00 PM for example the report of the monitor displays 2:00 PM, so is there any settings i have to set up in IP Monitor?.

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          Please open a support ticket so we can look into and if appropriate get a defect filed.

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              i did that already, and here is the ticket number #115475, and from your words i figure that this is a development error, not a setting to be set.


              Thanks for your response

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                  Nagucci, has Egypt's daylight saving rule recently changed?  If so, from my experience, it may take a while for this to be correctly reflected in ipMonitor.

                  Brandon, is there a case here for ipMonitor to utilise the host operating system's daylight saving rules, instead of having its own?  Microsoft usually patch the OS quite quickly (just found a recent hotfix for Egypt and Western Australia) so it would be great if ipMonitor took advantage of that, if its technically possible.

                  Rgds, Simon