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    Multiple views for devices from the same vendor


      Is there any way to create multiple views for devices from the same vendor?

      For example Foundry (now Brocade) produces a wide variety of network devices: chassis type routers, stackable switches, wireless access points, load balancers, etc. Cisco has an even more extensive product line.

      I've tried to assign the default view to the vendor's devices under "Views by Device Type" and then created two customs views and assigned limitations to the view to select the devices that I wanted to use each particular view, however the view assigned in the Views by Device Type Menu will always override the limitation.

      Is there any way to do this short of creating and managing a set of custom HTML with links that include the view ID?


      The view limitations menu is misleading. You can edit something like the network summary view and create a limitation that includes or excludes specific nodes, however the same limitations options are presented when you edit a view of type Node Details as well even though node limitations will never be applied to that view from, although from my conversation with support I would be able to use the view limitation to limit the view to a particular subset of interfaces.

      Two thoughts: is it possible (without hacking the interface) to create and display separate views for different classes of device from the same manufacturer. A good example here would be a Cisco router vs a Cisco wifi access point.

      Fix the interface. It is misleading:

      Selecting a view limitation that would limit a node details view to a specific subset of nodes should either not be possible (because it doesn't work) or produce an error. i.e. if I create a custom view and assign a particular subset of nodes to that view using assign to a group or any other option that will limit that view to a particular subset of nodes - that information will not be displayed (unless that view is selected for that node in the Views by Device Type menu). This is particularly misleading because you can preview the limitation and it will work.

      This also doesn't allow you to quickly and easily create a view that would apply to a single device for example.


      Feature request:

      Modify the Views by Device type so that view assigned there is the default template for the node, not the preemptive view.

      Allow that view to be overriden by view limitations assigned either by selecting a subset of nodes when editing a node details view (essentially a refined default based on a particular set of criteria - for example a subclass access point vs router).

      Allow that view to be overriden by selecting a particular view when managing the node (assign a custom view to a particular node or small subset of nodes).