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    9.5 SP4 on Win2k8R2 - web server - McAfee false trojan alert


      FYI - I updated to SP4 today and my 2 web servers running McAfee 8.7i enterprise kicked alerts for:

      \inetpub\solarwinds\orion\js\jqgrid\js\packed\grid.subgrid.js  as a trojan and deletes it.


      SW support came back with this....FYI

             Please see the following link:

      "McAfee Avert Labs has found a false detection with JS/Exploit-Packed.c.gen and will be releasing the 5729 DAT Files to correct this issue. The false detection is being seen on websites containing certain types of javascript obfuscation"
      Automatic updating of you anti-virus software will remove the false positive here.
      Many thanks for alerting Solarwinds to this - I'll go ahead and close this ticket.  If the issue returns, you're welcome to respond to any of my emails as I can reopen the case at any point in the next 30 days.