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    trouble: Netflow is not detected on the selected interface

      hey all,

      finished installing netflow realtime analyzer, configuring my (older) cisco 2611xm router (ver 12.3 (6)) but i cannot seem to get the netflow data to show up on my pc.

      i checked the previous and similar post(Netflow is not detected on the selected interface) but i couldn't distill a problem from that one, somehow all of a sudden the problem there seemed fixed.

      i tried all the suggested options (CFLOW packets are showing up in a wireshark sniff on my pc - disabled my firewall to no avail - "sh ip flow export" and "sh ip cache flow" seem to be giving satisfying output on the router itself) (see attach)

      so it leaves me with no clue to why the netflow analyzer keeps coming up with the "Netflow is not detected on the selected interface" error.

      you guys any ideas?