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    UnDP shows data but how can I assign an icon to it?


      I have some Dell servers and have run a mib walk and managed to import the servers power supply health into a table:

      The above server has 2 PSU's and only one has power.  Now I have a picture of the rear of the server and simply want to add a green icon on each PSU and if the PSU is down the icon goes red:





        • Re: UnDP shows data but how can I assign an icon to it?

          Hi GonzoUK,

          If I understand your question correctly you would like to be able to display the status of a UnDP value on your map in network atlas.  We don't currently provide that functionality.

          What you may wish to try if you have Application Performance Monitor running is to monitor the OID with the new SNMP OID Monitor component. This component supports collecting a numerical value for which a threshold can be defined.

          You can then include the component in your map view using network atlas.

          Hope that helps!