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    Query: NPM:: Location of Network Atlas Files




      I am trying to find where network atlas and saves and retrieves the individual map files from.

      I notice that some maps *.orionmap are stored in C:\Temp\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas\Maps\Orion\localhost

      however if you delete a file in this folder and open Network Atlas, the file you deleted reappears. So its seems like the master files are stored somewhere which are then copied to the Temp dir for Network Atlas download.


      Where are the new master files for the maps stored? Also need to know for backing up as they used to be under the maps folder.





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          Network Atlas stores all maps and other custom files (backgrounds, node images) in the Orion database in the table called MapStudioFiles. When the application starts, the files are synchronized with the content present in user's local folder in Documents And Settings (Application Data\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas). If you delete the files from there, they will be downloaded from the database with the next start of the application.

          It works the same way with the website, but the web server uses system Temp folder to store the files. This is usually C:\Windows\Temp, but it is based on your system's environment variables settings.

          Please note that deleting the "temporary" files may hurt the application's or website's performance, especially the first start after the deletion. Also please note that any manual modifications to the tables may cause the application's malfunction.