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    New Solarwinds User Help!


      We recently purchased  a lot of the suite.


      Netflow,NPM,NCM,Lansurveyor, and multiple polling engines.


      I have a problem that we still have SQL boxes on order and all hardware, but I have the sotware.  We had a demo system for a while.  Does full NPM license still come with SQL express?? Basically what I am asking is could I reinstall NPM/netflow on the old box get that and the express/db working.   


      Then once the proper hardware gets here would it be possible to migrate that DB to the new SQl server that will run a newer up to date SQL version? I want to be able to accomplish stuff while waiting on servers to come in if possible.

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          No, the production  install does not come with SQL express.  You should be able to go and download it from Microsoft though.  How many nodes and netflow sources are you going to have and how long till you get the new hardware?  My concern  is Express has a 4GB limit on size and that could fill up.

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              I am working on the purchase of the SQL box right now. Probably order it within the next couple days. So i'd say in the next couple weeks at the lastest?? I didn't know I could get that off MS thanks I will do that as long as the migration works fine.  I have the unlimited license on the netflow, but knowing I am limited with hte 4gb database I would start small. I really just want to start with the build out of my network.

              We have quite a large WAN 130+ OC-48 RPR routers.  SO I have A LOT to do being I am the only one on this project to do EVERYTHING. I wanted to start with one of our large buildings 1k+ people. Bunch of switches and one core. But it is our biggest problem site as far as slowness.  

              So I should be able to I will just have to migrate the DB I like the sound of that.  I will eventually have about 130 routers and 500 switches in Orion.  Havne't detailed all the flow's yet though.