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    Problem with netflow some help would be appreciated

      I have set up solarwinds for our enviroment and set up net flow on all devices capable. On 2 routers, identical hardware and ios version one will report the apllications right in the webpage in the top 5, the other just has one listed for a port,

      port (-1) -1

      what is this port and what am I doing wrong that the applications arent showing up?


      Not doing anything fancy, I dont know that much about netflow. Here is the config I put on the routers


      interface serial 0/0/0

      ip route-cache flow


      ip flow-export destination 9996

      ip flow-export source fastethernet 0/0

      ip flow-export version 5
      ip flow-cache timeout active 5
      ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15
      snmp-server ifindex persist

      snmp-server community uscro ro
      snmp-server community uscrw rw