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    NCM and NPM


      I'm looking into seriously trying out NCM. I currently have Orion 9.1 and going to upgrade to 9.5 in the next few weeks. We are going to redesign our NPM enirvonment to have NPM on 1 box, and SQL on a seperate box since we have had performance issues. If I was to add NCM is there a way I can add that to a 3rd Box? I'd rather do that then put it on the same box as NPM. Do they need to be on the same box to work as a module because I'd rather have it be a module than be a stand alone.


      So in short I'd like to have 3 Boxes





      and I do want NCM to be a module of NPM. Is it possible?



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          That configuration is definitely possible.   When you download NCM, you'll notice there are actually 2 packages:

          1. NCM server executable - this installs the NCM server + the windows client application and can be installed on a completely separate machine from your main Orion NPM server.

          2. NCM integration module - this extends the Orion NPM website to allow you to access configuration management functions (e.g. config download/upload, execute script, comparison reports, inventory, compliance reports).   This must be installed on your Orion NPM server, but does not install any services.   It communicates with your NCM server to pull config info.

          HTH.  Let me know if you have any further questions.


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              Chris Thanks for the reply. One other question. I looked at some documents that I got for NCM and it looks like I would need a seperate SQL database to run NCM? So to get what I want I need for Servers?


              NPM SQL database


              NCM SQL database


              Or does NPM and NCM use the same SQL Database?

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                  NPM and NCM can share the same SQL database server or they can be deployed on completely separate SQL servers.   It's really up to you.   When installed on the same SQL database server, each app will still install their own database.