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    how to bypass the login page


      I'm trying to get IPMonitor running on an overhead flatscreen panel and I need to find a way to automatically login and/or bypass the login screen.  The goal is to have the PC boot and have everything come up without user intervention.  This is for a NOC/surveillance station that will have no user interaction but lots of eyes on it.

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          would also be interested in that feature - i fought for a while w/ trying to get the NOC view included in my Solarwinds main page. There is a hack/patch available which will export the NOC page to another static IIS site, then you can pick that static export up with any standard browser via a different URL. 

          I believe the code is available in the Content Exchange, but I never got it working correctly.

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              Let's give this a try. It'll be a work in progress.


              1) Create a new user, just for the noc view.

              2) I suggest using Opera, as I've been content with it's full screen view for a long time.

              3) Get Opera to remember the password used with ipMonitor

              4) Use the account, and set the default start page to what you want it to be

              5) Bookmark this page / get opera to load it on login. This url is good for starting a new session.



              The next part we need to figure out is how to start Opera (or browser of choice) in full screen mode with this URL. If we use IE8 with this technique, the self-signed certificate gets in the way - we'd need to import the server's certificate (also as a certificate authority).