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    "Maintenance Expired" message - how to resolve


      Why you received a "maintenance expired" message
      When you install a new experimental gadget or upgrade an existing installation to a new version, we check the maintenance date in the installed license to make sure it is later than the build date of the new software.   If it fails, you will receive a "maintenance expired" message.   This can happen if you have not reactivated since you last renewed maintenance.

      How to update your maintenance date in your license and resolve the issue
      To resolve this issue, you must take one of the following steps:

      1. If you have renewed maintenance since this product was installed, please retrieve your new activation key from the customer portal (http://www.solarwinds.com/customerportal/).

      2. If you have not renewed maintenance, please contact customer service to renew.  Go to http://support.solarwinds.com and click contact our Customer Service team

      Once you have located your new activation key, launch SolarWinds License Manager from the Start Menu and click Upgrade link to enter your activation information.

      NOTE: Be sure that SolarWinds License Manager is v2.x.   You can get the latest version from your customer portal or (if you are connected to the Internet) you can try restarting the application to trigger an automatic update.