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      Hi all!

      Please I want your help to costumize my slorwinds admin menu bar to be like the NPM Demo menu bar where we have Modules and views.

      In mine I have only views while in the NPM demo menu bar, we have also modules which contani: Application Performance Monitor, IP Address Manager, Network Configurtaion Manager, NetFlow Traffic Analysis, VoIP monitor.

      I went to the admin settings in the web console to costumize my admin menu bar but It wasn't possible.


      Thanks a lot for your help.



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          Each of the modules is a separate purchase and install.  Did you purchase and install all of the additional modules?  After the installation is complete, you should see the module tab added on your Orion website.

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              No Kweise, I've just installed Orion NPM on my server.

              I though we can add modules just by editing the menu bar in the admin console.

              If to do that we should do an installation, please tel me what exactly I've to do.

               These modules will help well doing my network monitoring and understand Solarwinds features as I'm in evaluation mode, before going out to my costumers' systems.


              Thanks again for your help.

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                  You'll have to download each of the modules you want to evaluate from the Solarwinds website.  They all have 30 day evals just like Orion.  You have to install each module separately on your Orion server.  Once installed, you'll see them in the menu bar.

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                      Tanks Kweise, I've seen the way to download the modules in an evaluation mode.

                      I've just noticed when installing that the module Orion APM can be installed only with Orion NPM SP3 or later, and then I downloaded Orion Eval SP4, I've not yet installed, so if you think there is a special way to set my actual Orion NPM server to the SP4, please tell me.

                      However, I'm going to the installation, before continue installing my orion modules.

                      I have another concern and I don't know if you can help also for that. I have some nodes in my network inventory where the ethernet interface is on an unknown state. I don't why, but the nodes in question are running and I'm writing to you now from one these node.


                      Againn thanks and see you next time.

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                          What version are you running now?  I'm not sure if you can upgrade an eval version or not.  I don't think I've ever tried it.  If you are running version 9.5 and just need SP4, you might be able to call Solarwinds sales.  I think they could have a sales engineer work with you to get just the service pack.  If you aren't running version 9.5,  your best bet would probably be to reinstall Orion, but again, the sales team could probably tell you the best way to proceed with the eval. 

                          As far as the nodes in an unknown state, I would check to make sure snmp is enabled and configured correctly on your nodes.  Orion tracks up/down via ping and pulls statistics with snmp.  If Orion can ping the node but not poll snmp, the node would show up in Orion but with interfaces in an unknown state.