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    Devices with Down Monitors - does this work?

      I created a new group called "Quality" under "My Network" and placed all of my QA servers and devices in it. 

      So the QA can keep track faults in their servers during testing, I added a "Devices with Down Monitors" panel to the "Quality" dashboard, but it doesn't seem to work:


      According to the "Summary Counts" panel, I have 5 devices with down monitors (This is correct - I checked).

      But the "Devices with Down Monitors" panel is empty.


      I've checked my other groups, and the "Devices with Down Monitors" panel only seems to work in the "My Network" dashboard.


      I'm using ipMonitor 9.0.6.  Is this a bug, or am I missing something about the way the "Devices with Down Monitors" panel is meant to work.