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    where is 'advanced mode'?


      Studying the Orion Admin manual for 9.5, and I am running 9.5.  

      Not only do I not understand this function (it seems like a software version of the old "Turbo" button :-)), it's just not there.   What am I missing?

      It states:


      Enabling Advanced Mode 

      Advanced Mode enables the creation of new views and provides additional 

      resources that can be included in each view. The following steps enable 

      Advanced Mode on an administrative account. 

      To enable Advanced Mode on an administrator account: 

      1. Log in to the web console as an administrator. 

      2. Click Admin in the Views toolbar. 

      3. Click Web Console Settings in the Settings grouping of the Orion Website 

      Administration page. 

      4. Confirm that Allow Advanced Customization is set to Yes.


      The screen I am looking at, logged in as Admin, this is not there.   What is this mysterious option and why is it needed anyway, if you are already assigned an Administrative account?