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    State of map objects

      Can someone explain to me the way that node icons display warning conditions? On my top ten list I have a number of nodes that are in various warning states. The top ten lists are:

      1) Disk Space(Filters on Fixed Disk)

      2) Physical Memory (filters on RAM)

      3) Virtual Memory (filters on Virtual Memory)

      4) There is a list that just titled "Percent Memory Used", not sure what this looks at?


      Only devices that are in a warning state under the "percent memory used" list affect the color of the node icon (yellow dot on icon). When I hover over the node, only the "percent memory used" shows up in the info box.

      Can this behavior be modified? Is it Documented somewhere?

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          No, not that I am aware of.  This is based on thresholds you can tweak at Admin -> NPM Settings page and you will see the applicable ones here

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              Yes, I see where to set the threshold. But what makes the percent memory used, the only threshold that seems to affect the node status? I have warnings in the other areas that I listed and they don't affect the icon.

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                  Are you asking what makes up the percent memory used calculation or why that is the only one that affects node status?  If the latter, then that is due to the threshold setting you have defined on the page I mentioned.  If I am missing your question, PM me and we can chat back and forth offline and get this answered for you.