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    Question about Scalability Engines


      Ive read a few posts about Scalability Engines and the general idea seems to be 5000 - 6000 elements per poller.

      But does Orion IPAM play into that at all?  If I am monitoring 4000 IP addresses in use, or 32,000 potential addresses in use or otherwise, does that number apply to the Scalability Engines best practices?



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          Our typical guideline is if you plan to monitor 8000 or more elements, SolarWinds recommends that you install additional polling engines on separate servers to help distribute the work load.  I copied this from the Admin Guide.

          Regarding IPAM, currently IPAM does not support additional poller, this is an enhancement we are looking to add to the product in the future.  So all of the IPAM operations/scan occur from the primary Orion server. 

          So based on this, tell us more about your environment.  Are you deploying any other modules?  What size hardware are you looking at using?

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              Well we dont have orion yet.  We were planning on starting with 2000 elements and scaling up from there.  Our first quote was for Orion NPM, APM250, and Netflow.  But we like the IPAM just based off of the IP manager in the toolset(which we have totally over used).

              For IPAM we are looking at about 3500 IP addesses.

              So from a "polling load" point of view should we look at that as 5500 elements?


              edit** Does that make sense what I am trying to ask?  Not really concerned about the licensing, just the load on the poller.

              Sounds like we will be fine for a little while.