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    NPM and NCM integration

      Hi all.


      I am having trouble integrating my NCM and NPM installations.

      I have installed the latest Orion NPM eval version and i have succesfully imported my Cisco switch and all is working well.

      After installing latest NCM eval version i have followed all instructions and i have succesfully imported the same switch into NCM and everything is working fine.

      But im stuck at entering the NCM credentials in my NPM web interface. I have entered the correct login information that has admin privileges, actually its the same login/pass that i use to enter NCM and all i get is an Error Message:

      The Orion server cannot access the Orion NCM information service. The exact error was 'Keyset does not exist '                                     

      If i enter some random letters and numbers, i get

      The Orion server cannot access the Orion NCM information service. The exact error was 'The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found'                                     

      I have followed all instructions to the letter, but i cant seem to get this to work.

      Main reason for all this is I owuld like to try to configure Cisco Energywise parameters from the NPM window.

      So if anyone can copuld point me to the solution or what things to check that would be great.

      Thank You!

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          Is NCM and NPM installed on the same box or different boxes?  Are you inputting the IP of the NCM server or the hostname?

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            Ender6600, we definitely want to help you get up and running, but we haven't seen this error before.   Are you currently working with one of our sales engineers? 

            In any case, please open a support ticket (use Evaluator for customer ID) and someone will work with you to get up and running.



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              I have installed many times as well. When you are going to install both softwares on the same server, you will get these sort of problems. I have done this on many servers with different configurations, but useless. I think there is some problem in the solarwinds software itself. I am not agree that It is a recommended way to have both softwares NCM and NPM on same server.


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                  If you review the post by "Ender6600                                                                                                                                                         replied on                                                                                                                         Tue, Dec 8 2009 7:48 AM                                                                                                                                                         |", you'll see he noted that it was an error on his part not anything software related.   In fact, he followed up with "When i inputted all the right information as instructed in the installation guide, everything worked fine."

                  We have thousands of customers running in this exact configuration and we'd like to make you successful as well.  So, if you are truly experiencing issues getting NCM and NPM to run on the same server, please open a support ticket.



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                    Not sure if this helps, but I ran into this today. In IIS Roles, I installed basic authentication, and that seems to have fixed our issue.

                    w2k8 R2, NPM and NCM on the same box.


                    Correction, this did not fix everything. Rolling back to 2k8, non R2.