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    IF+que-index in Juniper's COS-MIB


             IF-index is replaced with a IF+que-index in Juniper's COS-MIB.
      A table with value for the que index interpreted as que name also exists.
      It would be possible to use Orions polling engine if conversion tables existed in Orion
      where I could populate a reference table with data from different MIB pollers and then
      generate special pollers for the reference table
      feature request:
      add native support for graphing COS-values, selectable per interface, including the queue-name (human readable) as specified in the MIB, when adding a Juniper Router to Orion NCM
      All the data is available in the MIB, but needs to be retreived and graphed using content from more than one MIB-directory.


      Customer who suggested this was LOS Bynet, Alfred Henning Dahl,        SW64732