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    Wireless Alerting in Orion 9.5


      Is there a way of alerting within the Advance Alerting engine for wireless clients that are connected to an SSID? all the information appears in the wireless page of Orion 9.5.. i was just wondering if i could setup an alert such that if a client of MAC address aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa associates with SSID ABCD??

      any clues anyone?

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          I am double checking, but I don't believe you can do this today, but if the data is there, you can create SSID reports.  Can  you explain your scenario further on alerting.  Are you curious about one specific MAC Address?

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              Alerting Scenario

              We have several "wall meeting' wireless devices and they have a habit of disconnecting from the APs and the only way we know that they are down is when someone walks by and tells us. The unit gets a DHCP address so we cant monitor that way and it cant be statically assigned (as told by vendor) - weird but oh well..

              i noticed that in the Orion wireless module, i can see the device is connected to our SSID.

              it would be nice to have an alert when a device(by IP or MAC-address) is associated/disassociated with a certain SSID.