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    Duplicate nodes NPM 9.5 sp3


      I have recently upgraded from 9.0 to 9.5 sp3. I have noticed that some nodes show up twice in the web console when SNMP is enabled. Everything is fine if I select ICMP only when adding the node. Once I configure SNMP the duplicate shows up. In the manage nodes view, the + sign is expandable and will list the resources for one entry but not both. Removing and recreating the node causes the same result each time so far. Deleting one instance of the node removes both entries. Both instances of the node have the same ip address. The issue doesn't seem to be isolated to a specific type of node or the resources monitored. System Manager looks ok so far. I compacted the database and backed it up with no change.

      As you can imagine, this is causing summary views to look cluttered among other things. Suggestions?

      I'm running NPM 9.5sp3 / APM 3.0

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          If you configure SNMP right off the bat, does it add duplicates?  Best bet here is going to be a support case

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            I have the same symptoms with duplicate web page display of nodes.  I have tried quite a few steps.  The Nodes table lists a single entry for each dup.  I have reindexed anyway, shrank, compacted, shutdown services, rebooted server several times.  It happens only with SNMP and does not matter SNMPv1 or 2.  It does it with both.  I does it whether node is detected with only ICMP, and also does the dup when the node is wiped out, tables cleared, shrank, reindexed and then redescovered node with SNMP.

            I have to admit I thought I had it licked several times, only to discover the web page still displays dup nodes - typically linux or windows boxes on the same subnet as the SolarWinds box - for my experience.

            I know I'll have to open a case, just posting here to let you know what I have tried.  Any others experiencing this with any flavor of 9.5?  Anybody have the problem beat yet?

            Thanks for any input.

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              I managed to resolve this with the help of support.

              On my network, I had some systems that were using mixed case SNMP keys. You may notice that the key is case sensitive when attempting to validate. Some of my systems had keys that were spelled identically but with different case. This apparently confused Orion enough that it would display duplicate entries. I recently updated all they keys on our network. As I removed / fixed the keys and then changed them in Orion the duplicate would disappear.


              In short, some systems used a key that was UPPERcase1234 others used Uppercase1234, this confused Orion.

              Hope this helps.