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    Hardware Requirement


      can someone tell me what is the NPM Minimum Hardware Requirement, please?

      I when we had NPM V9.1 the maps in the Web site were too fast and appeared in no time witch was very

      helpfull in monitoring the Network.

      but when we Upgraded to V 9.5 the maps are taking too much time to appear even when the hole page

      is done and the object list is complete.

      I don't have any problem with the Web site and it's speed but there are some people in the Network department who can't use the node details and it's extraordinary abilities

      and only want to see the status of nodes (Up or down - green or red )

      so any one can help me with increasing  the Website maps performance?

      I have monitored the Server's Performance and resource Usage and it shows no problem in RAM or

      Hard drive, but the CPU time is a little higher then before.

      the NPM & NCM databases are in the same server that has it's own independent server.

      can it help if i separate them and put NPM and SQL in the same server?


      Solarwinds NPM ROCKs

      U the best