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    Software Serial Number changes


      I'm trying to install both NPM and NCM on a secure, isolated network. Because the network is isolated, I had to manually generate the license key. But then I ran into issues with the installs so I decided to uninstall the software and start over again. But when I got to the step when I enter my manually generated license keys, I found that the serial numbers for the software had changed, so when I tried to enter my original license keys, they were rejected because they were based on a different computer name/serial number combination. I thought I could go back to the Solarwinds support page and use the new serial numbers to generate new license keys, but there's no longer a link to manually generate a key (I guess because I'd already generated one during the first install). So what should I do, and why does the software serial number change if I unistall and try to do a fresh install?  Do I have to download a new copy of NPM or NCM?