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    IPAM Roadmap?  Next Release Date(s) & Plans

      TO: Brandon Shopp - Product Manager Orion NPM, IPAM Module and ipMonitor


      Brandon, old buddy, old pal!!

      I've been very favorably impressed with your active involvement in this user forum, particularly in how much you've paid attention to the feature requests and wishlist items that keep pouring in.

      We might be making a serious investment in the product, but I need to have some idea what the best-guess future is for release(s) and enhancements.  At the current state of IPAM, I think your pricing is way over-the-top, but if I'm paying for developers feverishly hacking away at new and better functionality, I'd be happy to pay them (that is, buy now).

      So what's the scoop?  What are your release plans as best you understand them at this time?


      Thanks!  -sd

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          Thanks for the response, you can see what we are currently working on If you're curious as to what we're working on....  What are the items that are of interest to you and your organization?  If you have seen them posted and commented on in other posts, please pile on.  The more of ya'll comment on a feature, the better idea I get of overall priority.

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            Can the below not be done for competitive reasons (i.e.; give the competition any ideas or marketing leverage?).  If so, perhaps I should just get on a call or private email conversation with you guys...

            /end edit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


            Truly, I mean this with all sincerity,  I want a development and release schedule Roadmap!

            It looks like this;

            • One Date xx/xx/xx we will release version 1.1 and we plan to have it contain the following;
              • Wish list Feature 1
              • Wish list Feature 2
              • Wish list Feature 3


            • One Date xx/xx/xx we will release version 1.2 and we plan to have it contain the following;
              • Wish list Feature 4
              • Wish list Feature 5
              • Wish list Feature 6

            Like other great development teams, you should follow a time boxing (external link) approach like Gnome (external link) and Ubuntu (external link), with a new major release every 6 months. Whatever isn't ready in time is deferred to the following release.

            --------- actual example below ---------------------------

            TikiWiki Release Schedule

            Release version Planned Public release Added/Changed Removed Note
            TikiWiki 2.0 2008-08

            2009-04 Profile Manager
            Semantic Admin including page aliases
            Calendar: recurring events + ical export
            Basic improvements to Quicktags and edit UI ongoing but now acceptable
            InstallRevamp ongoing but now good
            AdminUIRevamp ongoing but now good
            Drop PHP4 support done Released on May 19th, 2009.

            October 21st 2009:
            in 38 days, 10 hours, 1 minutes and 45 seconds
            Workspace , Organic Groups, native multi-site/multi-domain and Dynamic preferences (started in 4, to be completed in 5, as per Workspace Roadmap)
            Pick a JavaScript framework (external link) jQuery has been selected
            Major update to QuickTags (external link)
            Integration with the Kaltura Open Source Video Platform
            CAS Authentication
            HTML purifier on all output content (as experimental) (done, but there could be concerns with performance (external link).)
            Mirror Trackers
            Image Gallery (maybe) would have migration script

            April 3rd 2010:
            in 202 days, 10 hours, 1 minutes and 45 seconds 
            basic Shopping Cart with Paypal
            Customer Relationship Management / Social Networking / microblogging (depends on Workspaces)
            Project Management Gantt, resource planning, In / out board depends on Workspaces
            Bibliography management system (references)
            Start to take advantage of HTML5
            Theme Generator
            Learning management system (LMS)
            Interaction with realtime tools (Chat/Voice/video/screensharing) like BigBlueButton.org (external link), Dimdidm (external link) or ScreenCastle (external link)
            Audio and/or Video recording with Riffly (external link)
            Page Controls (external link)
            Deploy Smarty tables everywhere (pkdille)
            Change to InnoDB (and use Zend_Lucene_Search?)

            Discussion about ceasing support for IE6 (external link)
            Endangered Features
            Tiki 6 and beyond October 15th 2010:
            in 397 days, 10 hours, 1 minutes and 45 seconds 
            Offline TikiWiki (depends on Workspaces because we only want people to have offline copy of their workspace)
            Collaborative Watch (external link)
            More advanced Shopping Cart Ex.: Marketplace / classified ads / rental management system, etc.

            ---------------------------------------- END OF ACTUAL EXAMPLE ------------------------------


            IF YOU DO HAVE A DEVELOPMENT PLAN, I WANT TO SEE IT.  Surely you do, so cough it up, And I don't mean a "here's what we're working on" list of two items in length.  Do some actual development management, then I've accomplished some goodness.  So, bring it.  Your turn.

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                First off, I am always happy to get on a call with customers and chat, so please feel free to let me know if that is something that interests you.

                Second regarding the roadmap, I got your post on Sat and spent time thinking about this while watching college football.  I understand and respect your desire to get a long term visability into what we are thinking and doing.  However, a roadmap like you explain above is not the way we think about things and communicate to our customers.  Let me explain.

                1. I  have worked at many companies, as a Product Manager and not as a Product Manager and a traditional roadmap like above always ends up not being realistic.  Why?  Things change.  If the current release requires a service pack for example, that impact schedule.  As a Product Manager one of my jobs is to watch the market and understand changes and make adjustments as such to my feature priorities.  If as more customers adopt IPAM a feature starts to gain more traction and demand within the user base, that is going to change it's priority on my feature priority list.  So a roadmap like you describe above is not realistic and if I were to post something like that, things will change and then ultimately when we do deliver that release you will get mad :)

                2. As a public company we are not allowed to post dates and features on a publicly available forum.  This is just part of the rules we have to play by as a publicly traded company.

                OK, so I have given you a bunch of why I cannot.  Let me tell you what I can do.  

                #1 - give you an idea like I did in the other post you referenced as to what we are working on currently.  

                #2 - post a list of prioritized features that I have and then let you weigh in on them.  We are a feature driven company as a I  referenced above. 

                #3 - get on customer calls and talk to ya'll about how you use the product today, what you like, what you don't like and what would make your job and lifes easier

                I  hope this makes sense and we want to have as much transparency to our customers as we can.