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    Liebert A/C

      Sorry this is going to be a cluster of a question. 

      I have a Liebert A/C unit that I have added to Orion.  It shows up under Vendor Emerson Computing Power.  The only thing it tells me is that it's connected to the network.  I would really like for it to tell me more.  At the very least if the unit is running and cooling properly.  The unit has powered off twice and we didn't find out about it until the next morning when we walked into a 100 degree data center.  The network card came with a CD with MIB's which I assume I need but I can't seem to figure out how to use/add them to Orion.  I found in the Universal Device Poller some objects I thought would work but I kept getting "OID not Supported."  So I'm guessing that I should use the MIB's that came with it or I'm missing something somewhere?

      Any help here would be great.

      I should also add that this is Orion v9.1.0 SP3.