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    network sonar problems


      we purchased the Engineerings toolset v 10.1. We added all our devices and in general works pretty well till this morning when I tried to use the network sonar. When I select it from the external tools / network discovery / network sonar it appears that its thinking about it but then nothing comes up. Is there something extra that I need to do to run this tool? I tried the other tools in the network discovery tab and have no problems running it. any assistance would be appreciated. thanks

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          ScubaBubbles - there should be nothing extra you need to do to run it. Are you running as an admin on the system? Have you tried repairing the Toolset install?  You might also try upgrading to the latest version (10.2 as of this writing).

          If all of these still do not get it going, PM me and we'll see what we can do.