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    NPM Advanced Alerts Audit Trail and Comment FIeld


      Need an editable (not sue that's really a word but you get the idea) field tied to Advanced Alerts for adding comments/notes/ticket numbers etc.   Going forward it would be really great if you had a mechanism where you could automatically open a ticket in a Remedy or Heat ticketing system and get back the ticket number that the tickert system generated.  But right now I'd settle for a comment field we can fill out manually.

      Need to be able to have an audit trail on advanced alerts...i.e alert X was generated on this date/time was acknowledged by user Joe Schmoe on date/time with comments/notes of xxxxx and then the  alert was reset on date/time.

      As  noted in another post an audit trail for administrative actions taken within NPM,  nodes, alerts, pollers users, etc.  added, removed, enabled, disabled etc. by whom and when that action took place.