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    Energywise secrets?? - keep showing me " energywise Capable


      Does anyone have a hidden secret to getting NPM to see the Cisco switches energywise ?  I'm fairly confident the configs are correct on the switch because I can do all show commands

      and see the power usage on each port. The port turns on and off using the recurring times I setup in the lab. I just cannot get Solarwinds NPM to read the switch as ENABLED instead of

      it showing capable. I am NOT getting any Energywise readings and it's absolutely killing me. I have added the node re-added the node, manual add, discover wizard. and I am not

      have much luck with it.


      I have a 3750G POE running the latest energywise recommended code 12.2(50) SE3

      Is there a secret check box or button I should know about? There usually is with all things , anyone have ideas?