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    Orion Network Performance Monitor Set up



      We are currently in the process of going through the NPM documentation  for testing it and finally if all goes good putting it in our organization for network monitoring. I had certain questions that I wanted to clarify


      Following is our network structure


      (a) Data Center - We have a total of about 15 Servers ( 5 ESX servers, Cisco Router, PIX Firewall, 5 Cisco Switches),

      (b) Main Office - About 25 servers, Cisco Router, 10 Cisco Switches

      (c) Cold Site - Cisco Voice Gateway , Cisco Router and 5 Cisco Switches


      We have 4  dedicated T1 between the data center and Main office and 2 dedicated T1 between Data Center and cold Site.All internet traffic goes out to the Data Center site.

      How should be deploy the NPM to monitor the whole network.?There have been times when the T1s between two locations have been down and we want to monitor it as well.

      (a) Should we have to deploy a seperate polling server at each location and have the SQL database at the main office?

      (b) should we deploy all Oreon servers( NPM, SQL) at the main office?

      (c) If we have polling servers at each location, do all write back to the database?

      Please suggest as to what would be the best set up for this kind of network.


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          Andy McBride

          Hi abhi1024,

          The remote pollers need to have an active connection to the main Orion server to store data so that won't help in the case where one site becomes disconnected from the main Orion/SQL. What would work is to place a full Orion/SQL at each location and use Enterprise Operation Center (EOC) at the main site. Disconnected sites will operate independently and you won't lose data.


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              I would presume that if I understand your network as you descibed that it would be simplest based on the small size of the network to position the polling engine in the data center, only because it is the onle location connected to everything else. Also i would keep the polling engines to one unles your applications monitors are plenty.

              Keep it simple , easy to maintain.