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    Nodes and Interfaces on the same pane


      Hi All,


      I have come across a problem whereby I would like to make an interface appear as a node. We use NPM as both our main NMS as well as a customer web portal and as such would give customers access to information on our demarcation unit such as bandwidth, availability, etc. However, some of our devices are DSLAM based, which means the MIBs for the DSLAM will show the modem at the customer as an interface and not an actual node to be managed. As a result, the only way I have seen to make the interface available for the customer to view it is by adding the whole DSLAM and limiting the view to the interface for a particular customer. I do not like this idea though. Is there a way to use this interface and place it on a pane similar to the All Nodes plane without adding the whole DSLAM in the customer view? An All Elements Pane would be nice so that you can show the customer only the interfaces as well as the nodes that belong to them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.