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    Questions regarding Top 5 Applications


      Hello guys, and thanks for such an awesome community. I've recently bought NPM and NTA for our business, and I'm currently using it to monitor 10 different Cisco 7206VXR WAN routers. I'm exporting both ingress and egress from both the WAN side and LAN side of the 11 different routers. The whole product seems to be working flawless as it is now, but I have some questions that might be obvious for experienced users but not-so-obvious for me as a rather new NPM/NTA and netflow in general user.

      In the Top 5 Applications section of the main NTA dashboard, I see the 5 expected applications which is a good thing. My #1 application, is a regional web proxy port that is being used on all of my 11 locations. However, during peak times the amount of traffic under "BYTES" can show as much as 200GB+, and the default time span is 2 hours. Does this mean that my WAN routers sees 200GB+ within the given time period? This sounds rather unreal, as I "only" have Gigabit interfaces on each side (WAN/LAN) of the routers, and thats a whole lot of HTTP/proxy traffic even for 10 rather busy routers. The next application on the list only counts as much as 10GB within the same (default) time period.

      Am I missing something, or would you say this is theoretically/practically possible? Or am I just interpreting the chart wrong?


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      Vidar S