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    How do I create e-mail alerts for each item being monitored?

      I would like to set up and receive an e-mail alert that would provide detailed info on the specific threshold failure. Example being that if my CPU is topping out at 100%, I would like to have the e-mail specifically tell me that it is the CPU, or Memory or drive space etc. Is this possible? I've noticed that you can only create a generic (or so I think....:)) alert that only specifies a machine either going offline or coming back online. Can I configure alerts for each specified failure? Thanks in advance.

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          Hello Kml57,

          Alerts can be configured based on Devices, however in the end, the Actions within the Alert are triggered by the failing Monitor(s) contained in the Device. 

          Having that said, assuming the Alert Action's "Failure Message Text" box has the "%monitorstatus%" token, it should provide the failing Monitor's "Last Result" value, which provides resource usage information.

          Hopefully this all makes sense.  If otherwise, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we can explain further.


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