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    Syslog Viewer searches are very slow and timing out

      I am having trouble searching for things such as "deny tcp src outside", or specific IP addresses in the Syslog viewer when Informational or Debug is selected in the message severity.  I am constantly receiving a timeout error.  If I unselect those two, it will find what I need, but very slowly.  There are many times I am needing to search informational messages, but since it is timing out, I cannot do so.  I only retain 10 days of data, and the actual database is less than 5 GB.  What can I do to speed this up and fix the timeout issue?

      We are using Syslog Viewer 9.5.0 and a separate SQL 2008 server with Dual Xeon 2.5Ghz and 8 GB ram.  The Orion server and SQL server are connected via gigabit.  Nothing else in Orion seems slow.  The SQL server has very little usage.